Realme 13 Pro series confirms to launch in India: What to expect?

After revealing the GT series, Realme is getting ready to introduce its newest line in the Indian market. In June and July, the business will introduce the new Realme 13 Pro 5G smartphone line, making it two smartphones in a row. The tech star revealed the smartphone’s back panel in an official teaser poster, giving fans a sneak peek at the upcoming item in the series. The billboard further emphasizes the slogan “Hyperimage,” which is etched on the camera module and indicates that the device’s primary goal is to provide customers with an upscale photography experience.

The new Realme 13 Pro series is expected to launch with enhanced and new features to meet the demands of the Indian market, following the Realme 12 Pro lineup. This year’s January saw the earlier launch of the 12 Pro lineup (2024).

• The Realme 13 Pro series will be the first to use the new 50MP Sony LYT-701 sensor.
• Sony and Realme have worked together on the new primary camera sensor.HyperImage+, the industry-leading AI photography architecture from Realme, will power the Sony sensor.

Realme 13 Pro series India Launch details

• Realme has announced the imminent debut of the Realme 13 Pro series in India, however it has not disclosed the precise date of launch.
• The Realme 13 Pro series, like its predecessor, which included the Realme 12 Pro and Realme 12 Pro+, is expected to include the Realme 13 Pro and 13 Pro+, however this is not confirmed.
• The Realme 13 Pro series is set to become the company’s “First Professional AI Camera phone,” according to the smartphone brand.
• This corresponds with Realme’s announcement that AI will be used in the photography and entertainment sectors of the upcoming number series following the launch of the GT 6.
• In the brand’s teaser image, a camera module with the text “HYPERIMAGE 4” is positioned in the top center.

Realme 13 Pro specification ( expected)

There have been hints that the Realme 13 Pro 5G series phones will sport AI-backed cameras in addition to a number of first-for-industry capabilities. The phone is marketed as the “first professional AI camera” model from the firm. But no information on the camera has been made public as of yet.

The Realme 13 Pro 5G is anticipated to be on sale with four RAM and storage configurations: 8GB + 128GB, 8GB + 256GB, 12GB + 256GB, and 12GB + 512GB, according to an earlier leak. The phone might be available in sky green, monet purple, and monet gold hues, the report continued. Only the 12GB RAM models may get the final colorway. In the upcoming days, further information regarding the Realme 13 Pro series should become available.

Realme 13 Pro series camera details

• In partnership with Sony, Realme and Sony unveiled the Sony LYT-701 camera, which will be available on the Realme 13 Pro series 5G.
•Sony’s 50MP LYT-701 primary camera with optical image stabilization and 50MP LYT-600 periscope telephoto camera with 3x optical zoom will be available on the Realme 13 Pro series.

• HyperImage+, Realme’s AI Photography Architecture, will power the Sony sensor.
• The three-layer architecture of HyperImage+ consists of cloud-based AI image editing, on-device AI imaging algorithms, and flagship optics.

It is stated that the two 50MP cameras provide remarkable image quality, especially in dimly lit environments. Realme also revealed that TUV Rheinland has certified the upcoming Realme 13 Pro+ as having a high-resolution camera.
Additionally, there is the Realme AI HyperRAW algorithm, which produces results that are true to life while greatly enhancing image quality and dynamic range. A vast array of camera features are also available, such as AI Ultra Clarity, which improves low-resolution images, AI Natural Skin Tone, which uses on-device AI processing to improve the natural appearance of different skin tones, and AI Pure Bokeh, which can precisely identify foreground, mid-ground, and background elements.

Realme 13 Pro 5G series design ( expected )

On the website, a banner has leaked the design of one of the Realme 13 Pro 5G series phones. The huge round camera module is housed in the silhouette of the rear panel. The camera island, which appears to be golden in color, has the phrase “hyperimage” engraved on it. The power button and volume rockers are located as indicated by the ridges on the right edge.

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Realme 13 Pro + FCC details

Although the company has only hinted to the Realme 13 Pro series’ debut in India, an unidentified Realme phone bearing the model number RMX3921 has turned up on the FCC certification website (via). There is talk that it is the Realme 13 Pro+, but this is not confirmed.

The Realme 13 Pro+ will have a 5,050mAh battery, which is marginally larger than the 5,000mAh battery on the Realme 12 Pro+, according to the FCC listing. The phone that’s coming out will run Android 14.

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